Ahmed Al - Khuzmery 's Mirage

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Buy a plate (Mirage) unique artist Qadeer: Ahmed Alkhozmra.

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Artist / Ahmad Mohammed Al-Khaz Mery (Saudi Arabia - Jeddah)

Born in the city of Al-Baha - Safah in 1386/7/1 H corresponding to 1966
He works for the Saudi Telecom Company in Jeddah
Member of the House of Fine Artists in Jeddah - Chairman of the Committee on Public Relations and Media House of Fine Artists in Jeddah.
Member of the Association of Culture and Arts in Jeddah - and worked within the Fine Arts Committee.
Member of the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Baha. He worked in the Publications Committee in the Arts Palace Competition.
Founding member of the "Masar" group in Jeddah in 2001
Member of Fine Arts Committee, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce from 2009 till 2013
Member of Jeddah Beauty Committee, Jeddah Municipality, 2009
Member of the Coordination and Preparation Committee in the Tawir Competition in Jeddah, Riyadh --- Dammam, 2007
Membership of Arab Artists / Egyptian Ministry of Culture,
Member of the Saudi Society of Fine Arts (Jisfat) in Jeddah
Member of Arts Committee (Fine Art) Abdul Latif Jameel Company 2015
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
- All exhibitions of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare in Jeddah in 1990
- Collective exhibitions at the Saudi Center for Fine Arts, Jeddah
- All the group exhibitions of the House of Formation in Jeddah
- All Collective Exhibitions Society of Culture and Arts in Jeddah
- Collective exhibitions of the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Baha
- Memory of the Sea Exhibition - Durrat Al-Arous 2000
- Exhibition of echoes of ten artists Jeddah 2000 Jeddah
- Competition (color Saudi Arabia)
- Competition (Arts courtyard) first and second in the courtyard 2001 - 2004
- The first collective exhibition in Batelieh Jeddah 2001
- Youth Salon (13) in Cairo - Opera House 2001
- First Ambassador Competition King Fahd Cultural Complex in Riyadh 2002
- Youth Salon (14) in Cairo - Opera House 2002
- Call for ten artists from the Syrian Ministry of Culture - Aleppo 2002
- Special invitation from the Iranian Academy of Fine Arts - Tehran 2004
- Masr Al-Awwal Group Exhibition in 2002 / / Masar Group II Exhibition 2003
- Exhibition Ramadaniat - the third dimension 2002 m Ramadhanat exhibition - Atleh Jeddah 2003
- Exhibition of 60 artists at the Saudi Center in 2002 and the exhibition of 62 artists of the House of Fine Arts 2005
- World Health Day Exhibition - Third Dimension 2002
- Collective exhibition in the hall (painter) Jeddah 2003
- The Second Ambassador Competition 2005
- Abha Cultural Competition 2005
- Invited by the Iranian Academy of Fine Arts / Tehran to participate in 2006
- Masar Group III Exhibition Hall Prince Faisal bin Fahad Riyadh 2007
- Massar Al-Arba Group Exhibition, Jeddah, 2008
- Exhibition of small paintings in Roshan Hall Jeddah 2008
- Participation in the exhibition of the Kingdom's representation in cultural days in Yemen in 2009
- Painting exhibition in each house / Jeddah Atelier Arts 2007 - 2008 - 2009
- Exhibition accompanying the Jeddah Economic Forum 2007 - 2009
- Makkah and Oujda exhibition on the occasion of the celebration (Zahran continuum) for the year 2009-2010
- Autumn Salon of France to participate in the exhibition Good Morning Riyadh 2010
- Participation in the market Okaz Taif, 2009 - 2013 m
- Beauty contest Mecca 2010
- Contemporary Saudi Art Competition 21, Ministry of Culture and Information, Riyadh, 2010
- Saudi Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Saudi Center 2012
- Exhibition of the group of the fifth path in Abdullah Al-Kasabi Hall at the Saudi Center in Jeddah 2012
- Exhibition of Arab selections Atleh Jeddah 2013 m
Exhibition of the creators of the Saudi Telecom Company Riyadh 2013
- Among the members of the Coordination Committee for the competition of the headquarters of Art 2013 Riyadh
- Call from the French Autumn Salon / Paris 2013 m
- Invited to participate in the group fingerprints in Cairo in 2013
- Invited to participate in the Pisha Art Forum 2013
- Invitation to participate in Bart Abu Dhabi 2013 m
- I was nominated for a windows exhibition in Dubai for Saudi artists with Emirati and Arab artists 2015
- Invitation to participate in the hall Dhawi News 2015
- Jeddah Airport Exhibition for selected artists for the beautiful initiatives of 2015
- Invite him to participate in the Global Hall in Jeddah collective exhibition 2015
- Black and White Competition Ministry of Culture and Information Riyadh 2015
- Second Al-Qasabi Competition 2015
- Exhibition accompanying the International Book Fair in Jeddah 2015
- Personal exhibition (nostalgia) Nayla Gallery Riyadh 2017
Gulf Artists Exhibition
- Exhibition of Arab selections at Jeddah 2017
- The first Zahidia competition of 2017
- Okaz Market Competition for 2017
Winner of the first prize in the cultural competition Abha 2005
He holds the third place in the plastic ambassador competition in Riyadh 2009
Winner of the exhibition on the occasion of the World Health Day fourth place 2002
- Winner of the first and second ambassador competition in 2002 - 2005
He holds the 11th position of the Spirit of Leadership Competition 2015 on King Fahd, may God have mercy on him
Winner of the prize of the Zahidia Competition Award of the jury of 2017
Awarded the Okaz Market Award for the first place in 2017
He holds several shields, medals and certificates of thanks and appreciation from several quarters.


  Museum of Culture and Arts in Al-Baha. Jeddah Municipality . His Excellency the Minister of Culture Dr. Abdul Aziz Khoja, Ambassador Competition, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Telecom Company, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, BMG Charitable Society in Jeddah, Society of Culture and Arts Abha, Artist / Taha Sabban, Leadership Collection of King Fahd,
Length 120 cm
Width 150 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Ores acrylic - canvas
City jeddah
Name of artist ahmed al-khazmary

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