Frame plate

Frame plate
Sometimes simple touches have a big impact on the beauty of the home, frames or frames of these touches that we may not pay much attention to. How do you choose a frame that adds beauty and elegance to your home?

Frame color

Make it different from the wall: a dark frame on a light wall, a frame embroidered on a wall of a pillow, etc.
The dark frame attracts attention to the image.
Avoid placing white and off-white frames contiguous.
Choose the color of the frame so that it is of the colors in the picture, but to be present in it simply and not on the edges of the picture.
Choose the color of the artwork different from the color of the furniture but in line with it.

Frame size

Large panels need a thick, sturdy frame to carry the weight of the glass.
The large frame with small pictures has a wonderful effect!

Place the frame

Take small and medium sized images contiguous so that not every single image looks like a large area.
Collect different images of frames and sizes together to be attractive to the eye.
Try these groups first on the ground to see their shape before knocking the nails into the wall.
Leave some walls without panels.
The plates are placed in the eye level for the average height person.
When you hang the pictures next to a sofa or a table, make the distance between them not so large that the picture looks like the sofa or the table.

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